Rongo Day 2

The second day at Rongo was unfortunately not as productive as the first on terms  of our project. As the previous day we were supposed to leave at 8 but only left at around 830, arrived at the college and had an extensive breakfast. We then waited for our interviewee to arrive she however did not turn up until after we’ve visited the gold mine close to the university. This was extremely interesting as we look at gold and see it as a sign of wealth and a connotation of glamourousness, but the people who mine it live very simple lives unlike the people who invest in gold. A lack of education became evident again as well as the mining process involved repeatedly mixing the ground stones with bare hands in mercury which is very harmful to the health. It may not even be a lack of education but a lack of option so that people have to resort to gold mining to make ends meet. Fortunately the other video group focused their documentary on gold mining and the effects of this on the community and its members. I felt terrible just wondering around on their property, observing them and taking pictures. It didn’t really feel like we were doing community work but more like we were just intruding the community member’s personal space. Once we returned we faced a number of technical problems as there is only one computer at Rongo and we could thus not edit as the other video group was using Peters laptop. We attempted to entertain our group with other means like filming B-roll however they seemed extremely unenthused by that point in the day.

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