Gold mining

We visited a local village near Rongo to witness the gold mining process along with the lifestyles lived by those who both work and live there. It was an eyeopener. 

Before the interviews were conducted we were reminded that it was important to create a friendly rapport with the community members and the interviewers in order to build up a brief and trusting relationship. At first it was a struggle to capture interviews as some locals did not want to be recorded in fear that the government my get wind of the material. The audio group did a good job of working through this problem by discussing what and the information would be used for. 

After the visit had happened the editing was suppose to begin…. this was until we encountered editing and technical problems… however this were solved by Peter. During these workshops I have learnt to make use of the resources that you have available and make do with them. For example, we had to listen to the audio on one computer and edit the audio using another, the group communicated brilliantly with each other to overcome the difficulty of the situation. 


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