14th January- Rongo workshops and Chicken Killings

On the 14th of January the workshops began at Rongo University. I was looking forward to working in partnership with the students to create a collaborative audio project. In the morning we lots of meetings and greetings of staff members from the principle to the deans of the schools. After the formalities had finished Angela and myself met the audio group we would be working alongside. All the participants seemed enthusiastic about the collaboration and interesting in learning the process of pod casting.

Mind- mapping was our first point of call, again this was a successful process of developing ideas that the local community may be facing. The main idea that came from this process was poverty, with the main focus on food insecurity. The participants believed food insecurity is both a national and localised problem that needs addressing in Kenya.

The lectures at Rongo uni were at hand to help facilitate the workshops, for example, Dr. Fred advised the group to look at this issue using a critical discourse when creating the podcast in order for it to be well- rounded an more importantly of interest.

In planning the group have decided to go out into the local community and ask women and the youth how food insecurity effects them. The women they found women of interest is because of the traditional link the women have to the home, they are the foundation and providers for the family therefore they are more likely to be affected. I am looking forward to delving into this subject tomorrow even though I am aware it will be hard- hitting.

Finally, Rongo’s hospitality is great. It is ironic to think (considering the issue used in the podcast and the poverty surrounding us) or say that I don’t think I’ve had as many courses of food as I have here. However, I did enjoy the chorus of chicken killings that happened during dinner and part- way through Gerry’s speech, what a way to finish the day.







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