Today we went to the Massai Mara which we have all been so excited about 🙂 it was a very bumpy ride in our little van but it was ammmaazzzziiinnnnggg once we got there. Seeing all the animals in real life was so good… it was like being in a film. Giraffes are massive and elegant and we saw loads of elephants including baby ones which was the best. They were by far my favourite. 

On our journey back we had a bit of a hoohar and the van broke down. Luckily a few of us got to go in a plush safari jeep to take us to the gates and we saw two male lions right by the van. It was a bit sad as they were really thin and the guide said they only had a week to live but that is nature hey! I wish that they we could have stroked them without us getting eaten.

The van took a while to get fixed and we ended up staying at a campsite just outside safari land as it wasn’t safe to drive all that way in the dark. The tents were really cool BUT me and maddy didn’t do good with the falling and crawling bugs around us… a night of being scared was all forgotten when we woke up and saw the most beautiful sunset ever 🙂 definitely the highlight of the trip!

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