Lake Victoria Travels

Today we went to visit potential partners at a school by Lake Victor with the University College Rongo. It took a while to get there but the there were some good views to see a long the way. Lake Victoria was really beautiful and the countryside was quite similar to England except a bit more barren.

When we arrived it was a bit of a palarva as not that many people from the community turned. I felt the same as I did the other day when we went to the gold mining village as there were so many us in comparison to the locals, we outnumbered them and I think it was a bit intimidating/off putting for them. We decided to sit out and the Rongo students held discussions with them. The trip didn’t seem that beneficial but it did highlight an important aspect of community work… not to invade a community! This can be avoided with good communication/research before the visit. Seeing Lake Victoria and the little villages on the way was nice though šŸ™‚

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