16th Jan- Meeting the Governor…

Today we traveled to Migori in hope of meeting the Governor of the ward… it turned out he was in Nairobi. 

Instead the deputy Governor took the meeting, he seemed a little overwhelmed with our presence. The meeting was a way of Rongo University showcasing the developing partnership between Brighton University (CM4K) and Youth Development Voice. Rongo University were offering a similar collaboration between the youth community in Rongo and the community members in Migori. 

Later we headed back to Rongo to finish editing the content from the interviews and putting all together on Audacity. After the podcast was uploaded to soundcloud the group were unhappy with the descion made earlier to overlap the Swahili speakers with an English translation, it seemed the audio was to distorted and hard to listen intently to. Unfortunately it was too late in the day to edit this further, therefore the decision was made that I would make the tweaks and re- upload the podcast to soundcloud. It was a shame that we could produce the final edit on the final day of the workshop but we worked hard to try to! The group I worked with were great, they were always enthusiastic which made the workshop easier to do, it also made the problems we encountered manageable. 

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