17th Jan- Lake Victoria

On the 17th we took the long road to Lake Victoria. When we reached the lake the views were pretty amazing, it was nice to get the chance to see it. 

The village of Ndhiwa was small and along with the community that goes with it. Therefore the amount of people that stepped of off the Rongo bus when we arrived seemed like what can only be described as an invasion. As the point of being there was a community meeting the number of us that was there completely outnumbered the members of the community that turned out. Throughout the community project effective communication with a community was a key point, here was an example of how a lack of or a breakdown of communication between Rongo and the community may lead to ineffective meetings that may be intimidating for the community. 

I’m not sure of the ideas or solutions that came out of this visit because of the different voices that were being heard, other than that it was nice to see other parts of Kenya. 


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