18th Jan- Safari!

The bumpy ride to the Massi was well worth it, the safari was awesome! Seeing 4 out of the big 5 animals was amazing, not only did we see them we managed to get so close to them. Giraffes are actually massive, the elephants were just amazing, the male lions were crazy close to the van, i was surprised how un-flustered they were by anything. 

All was well until the dear mini- van broke down, not even the bar of soap could stop the oil leak 😉 being towed was pretty funny although at times there were near- whiplash situations, the posh safari van that came to the rescue first looked comfy, but you can’t beat a bit of towing across a safari. Good things come out of a bad situation though, we got to stay on the Masi Mara for the night, glamping in some luxary tents. If we hadn’t of broken down we would never have seen the sun set over the game reserve and the sun rise on the masi, breaking down isn’t all that bad. 

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