“The future is in our hands”: the last day of the video workshop

Today we completed the workshop with Focus Youth Initiative. Chaz, Sarah and Taylor worked really hard with editing last night but we had some to finish this morning. Final touches (text, voice over, graphics) had to be made before we exported it and uploaded it to YouTube. This took longer than usual due to the amount of people in our group. Everyone had their own opinion which was positive as it showed how they were all involved and enthusiastic but it also meant that each decision was discussed which was time consuming. I decided to take a step back and let Maddy, Taylor and Chaz lead the editing… they did a great job!
After the videos were completed, all the groups got together and had a screening. It was so rewarding to see how proud everyone was of the work they had produced – especially Dennis. In Willices speech he raised the point that “it is comfortable not to change history but to repeat it”. The videos that we trained the students to produce are vechiles which will raise awareness to issues they are passionate about; their own contribution to changing history. Now that they have these skills they can develop them further, continue producing videos and also facilitate the ‘training the trainer’ approach by passing the skills on in their communities. 

Over the course of this workshop I was pleasantly suprised the personal development of the students. They either had no or very little video knowledge and now they have made a 3 minute documentary in only 2 and a half days. What particularly struck me was hoe they paid attention to detail – everything was planned extensively and reshot till they deemed it spot on. I was really impressed at how they set up the interviews, even considering where natural light was hitting the interviewees face. Their attention to detail made me re-assess my own approach to video, taking a leaf out of their book with my own work!

In reflection, this workshop has been really really fulfilling. Peter raised the point of how community media empowers people to have a voice,  their vision of the future and the workshop did exactly that. Dennis said how he is now able to make music videos for his wife and Bernard said how he can now make videos for his charity. It was fun and enlightening working with people from different cultures, learning from each other. I now feel prepared for the next workshop in Rongo!

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