Day 2

We began by forgetting the tripod but quickly remembered them after we left, we also forgot to get a prize for the mistakes video quiz however im the end it all worked out. Yesterday started off very stressful as all the internet and equipment for me to play my ‘mistakes video’ was unable to work it and so this meant wasting time which we didnt have so we decided to move on which I am happy about but it is unfortuante they were unable to see what kind of mistakes to look out for. Our peace and marriage grouo then began filming b-roll of dennis, our directors wedding photos and all of us together having a good time, I feel these will both fit well in the final film. We theb began our interveiws with stacy and dennis who both decided to have opposote veiws on inter cultrual marriage however they dont feel this way they just wanted to show the audience how oppions vary. These both went well and ran smoothly which means we will find it easier to edit. We then began uploading footage to the computer but had some technical difficulty which was again wasting little time we had whilst doing this myself and david scripted and recorded the voice over in order to save time, however when maddycame to the rescue we were able to start editing whilst teaching them basics as we edited however as we had little time our team suggested to us they we edited when we came back in the evening, so we disscussed what they what like us to do and to save time do it and show them how the followong morning this made it alot quicker to do. myself, taylor and sarah then contiued editing by putting all the clips in order, cut out the interveiwer, chop bROLL,  ADDING the voice over in the right place,taking sound off broll ect we then made a list of everything we needed to do the following day. I feel we were then more prepared for the next day so ready to teach them and get it done with in the time we were allocated. I felt today that we couldve been more prepared but sometimes technical things happen which cant be helped but resulted in making me feel embrassed wheb we couldnt contiue or fix the problems however we managed to agree how to resolve the problem.

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