Big long day!

Today was a VERY long day, although very rewarding! I got woken up by a kiss on the hand by Rod in the morning. The other editing group left very early to do some filming in Nairobi. We all had a very relaxing morning and got on the coach at 9 to head to the hotel for a full day of filming and editing (although we forgot the tripod) After a few technology issues we started with our group mapping out our plan for the day.

They were all very exited to start and had thought of a lot of ideas over night. Some how our group had multiplied today which was a real challenge. Trying to manage sometimes 9 people with only 3 of us (as Lucy had been called away to plan Stories from our Cities) was actually a real challenge. We had to constantly have stuff for everyone to do which is hard when there is only one camera and one computer. The two interviewees were really impressive, the way they both made it their own and started planning through what they were going to say made it really special. What also impressed me was the way in which everyone took to their individual roles. It made filming a lot More relaxing as they took charge of the entire thing. We got loads of b roll sorted out and and all the interviews filmed just before lunch so that we can edit when we get back.

I found after lunch really challenging, all filming had been done as we had to start editing. I started off advising George and Stacey on creating a final scene in photoshop that shows peace. George was so fantastic he ended up teaching me.

We borrowed Angela’s lap top for the editing but it did not have the right software to support the footage so we had to use Peter’s. It took a very long time to get this all going and enthusiasm was beginning to slip. Practically trying to teach 8 people premier pro was always going to be a logistical nightmare. (It was rarer odd that the other group had 3 people whilst we had a total on 8 most of the time). As I am not too good at premier pro (like not at all) I felt like I was pretty useless for the afternoon which I really didn’t like. We were having so many technical problems that we didn’t manage to get ally of editing done at all. With realistically only two hours of time to edit tomorrow whilst trying to teach them at the same time, it didn’t look like we were going to get this completed and everyone was beginning to panic. We agreed that me, Taylor and Chaz would continue editing tonight and come in two hours early the following day to work on it.

When we got back to camp there was no time to relax. We took ourselves to Lucy and Maddy’s room and began editing. Whilst everyone was cracking into some wine :(. After over 3 hours of stressful editing we decided to call it a night….

To be continued.


One comment on “Big long day!

  1. I was so happy I managed to face time you the other night! It seems a bit tough but you are managing to work through some of the issues with technology while you are out there so well done and keep going! Love Bean.

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