Sometimes things don’t go to plan

After the struggles faced yesterday in the audio workshop, I was feeling better about training in the editing process especially after we successfully caught the podcast yesterday… That was until I switched on the dictaphone to find the file missing…

Where a problem arises a solution can almost certainly be found. This is important to note as Angela and I ran into a few small problems again today…Equipment and technological mainly. As we couldn’t find the podcast file Kevin, the only participant to show in the first half of the morning kindly took the reins decided to re- record the podcast entirely. He was kind and supportive even though the workshop was not going to plan. After he recorded his podcast, again the file failed to be located. Taking James’ ‘don’t ever give up’ notion into account We finally have a podcast saved, thanks to the five different sound recorders going at one time!

We were pushed for time today, explaining audacity had to be done in the blink of an eye, but Kevin who felt confident about the software said he would show the other participants how to use it, this pinpoints the ‘train the trainers’ idea that is a focus of the workshops, helping others to learn and become knowledgable.

Peter suggested that instead of editing together Angela and I would edit the podcast and so would the participants separately . This way we see how the issues in the podcast are seen through the eyes of students and of our community partners.

Today was a big learning process for me, I think I was able to adapt well to the challenging situation we found ourselves in and still deliver content and knowledge to the participants even though it was quick. As Chaz pointed out on the bus ride home ‘if you don’t make mistakes you can’t learn’. It’s about fostering the mistakes, reflecting on processes that didn’t work and finding a solution to these problems… And if there isn’t a solution… Adapt!

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