Farewell Nairobi

We managed to get a good breakfast in today before our last and final day conducting workshops in Nairobi! It was sad to leave but i feel like everyone made strong bonds with participants and i hope to have left a lasting impression. At the start of the day we sorted out exporting our video and uploading it to youtube as we had finalised everything it left some time to enjoy the last day and make a funny video. Throughout the rest of the day i felt like my editing skills came in particularly useful and i could help the other group with their editing. I felt very appreciated especially by the participants who were very grateful. We had some problems whilst editing mainly because we were rushed for time it was stressful but we all managed to pull it together with the help everyones knowledge. I do feel like because of the little time we had the participants didn’t gain as much editing training out of the experience as they could have. However that may have had to do with the size of the group. The end of the day we got to watch everyones videos on the screen it was brilliant to see how well the videos came out within the time we had. I feel like all the participants were so appreciative and proud by what they had done. And i hope that they went away with a better video understanding. On a final note Peter and Willis said some last words and it really drew into perspective the effectiveness of working as a team from people of all backgrounds to collaboratively learn. Not only did the participants take away something from us i also learnt a lot about their attitudes culture and the way they go about things. Hopefully from this service learning and training the trainers approach the community can go away to then pass on their knowledge and expertise to better the people of Kenya and their own personal development. As we said our goodbyes it just goes to show how working across cultures does work and is beneficial for both parties.

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