Amani an upends Nairobi

Today was our last day teaching in NAirobi, we started off by showing the group what we had edited last night, we decided to go in early to get the best use of our time. After showing them what we had done we briefly explained how to do it, they all liked what we had done and we continued editing so they would be able to do some things aswell. However these things weren’t very big to the overall film so I feel a little disappointed that we couldn’t teach them as much as we could but in the little time we had I feel we went through a lot, especially in the filming stages specifically when teaching them about the different camera shoots, movements and frames. We then added the music, credits, titles, transitions, ect. As we were shirt on time we couldn’t add some things they wanted to for example George’s picture however we were able to add one of his pictures. Then after Maddy came to the rescue after more technically difficulty we began exporting it so we could put it on youtube. The screening of the films was fun and nice to watch back but it was blurry due to the way it had been exported so we said we would fix it at a later date and send them all the link on Facebook. I am so proud with my group and how well everyone did, everyone seemed please with the end result and I enjoyed working with everyone in my group, I feel the topic although potential sensitive in Kenya was one of the reasons we came and makes all the small mistakes worth while, if it can continue in this way people of all ages can voice their option and maybe the issues can be solved and in the future things can be changed. I really enjoyed the other groups film as well you could tell they worked hard and everyone had helped each other. I feel on doing these workshops I have learnt from them about life here and various cultures and I have learnt more about video through these workshops with some of the things raised by them and now in the future I know how to fix them.

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