In our hands

Lucy and I spent the second half of yesterday working on the Stories From Our Cities exhibition. While Lucy pulled together two photos from each photographer and gave them captions. I wrote an introductory piece to go alongside a photo of Brighton at the opening of the exhibition. Whilst sitting in the hotel in Nairobi mapping idea around Brighton’s key features I was able to see now more than before, how contrasting the two cities would work. This made me think about something David had said to me on the walk through Nairobi; “in Kenya you walk where you want to go [not where the crossing takes you]”. The obvious difference here is the traffic. However this struck me as a further metaphor for the cultural difference. In the UK youths follow an education program strictly until we are around 18, in Kenya it is not so clear cut. The path your life might take a a Kenyan is fair more in your own hands. As Willice suggested with his ending note today, “…all I know is the bag is in your hands”. This concept is reinforced by the theme of our video; entrepreneurship. The short film presents the idea that Kenya’s youth unemployment situation is such that some youths are turning to entrepreneurship as an alternative option. By taking matters into their own hands these youths like our interviewee and entrepreneur; Antony Kimathe. Are driven to carve out their own path to success in a way that perhaps we might take for granted in the UK. This can also be linked to the larger goal of our trip; to help empower youths towards increasing employability.

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