It was the last day of our workshops and the pressure was on to finish this project. After only two hours sleep and a very early morning going before the rest of the group to crack on with editing I was feeling a bit fragile.

– Although the night before was very stressful a positive thing that I can take from a 3 hour editing session with Chaz and Taylor showing me how to do simple premiere pro tricks. I learnt a lot whilst we were editing. In a way they were training the trainers.

We spent the whole morning editing which was also tricky having about 11 of us around a computer but it all worked out. Unfortunately due to the fact that we were in such a rush to edit we didn’t get much time to give them tutorials. But HAKUNA MATATA….

We watched the videos after lunch and have a few words about what has been happening. I was so proud of our group as I feel they made such a huge effort and the video looked fantastic.

It is important to remember that it is not professional media editing it is community media. I think that negative feedback to these guys was really unfair as it is always important to highlight the good parts of people’s work not bring to the surface a very things that they can improve on. Especially as they are so passionate about their video and so proud.

Willis ended the session with a very motivational speech about a boy and a wise man. With the end of the story leading to ‘the future is in your hands’. Using media to talk about fundamental issues in communities. Hopefully the skills we taught these last few days will help create a wider community all familiar with video production, and that they will be able to teach them the skills they learnt.

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