New rafiki’s

This was our first day in Nairobi teaching video skills to people, I was so exited to get started and meet the people we were going to be working with. We arrived at the UN which was a little scary because of the security, they had guns! When we got there we realised we had forgotten the flips which they were going to take away and film there b-roll with however this was quickly sorted as we had two cameras and 3 tripods as well as my flip and willies flip. But this did mean we were more pushed for time as we had to film the b-roll together. We began by hearing introduction speeches about social media, online engagement as well as what these workshops can achieve and how hey can help. We began by doing and ice breaker but instead of the “what makes you happy” we did what media skills do you have and your name, I feel this helped break the ice and got everyone to know each other. As there weren’t as many people there as we thought we all split into two groups of five both participants as well as us. We then began mind mapping ideas of issues they wanted to raise awareness about and the message they wanted to get across the main ideas were; culture, community, peace, marriage, Kenya, environmental management and religion. We explained how we wanted to touch on all subjects but any good documentary film has a main focus and point it would like to discuss through out. We discussed and decided on peace, marriage and cultural diversity as our title. We then wrote out our 3 interview questions and drew up storyboard whilst giving tips on what to do and how to do it, went through and selected roles, as well as discussing who they wanted to interview, they selected , two interviewees; Dennis and Christine but as Christine was not there we had to use someone new in our group; Stacy. We the. Went over all equipment and how to use it, I felt doing a mock interview with us helped them understand how to use it and what to do and what not to do during the productions stages. After finishing our storyboard we began filming b-roll which I feel related back to the topic well, we then discussed what we would need to do tomorrow so we were organised and on top of it as we were short on time.

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