The arrival

After a fairly successful journey to Nairobi, I was driven to the camp by a friendly Kenyan by the name of David. We got chatting about the weather and the like however, things got tricky when we tried to converse over time; every question I asked, whether it be time estimated to the camp/time it took for the others to get to camp/how long some new road tax machines had been in place…was met by the same generic answer of “20 minutes”. I was then reminded that I’d probably need to get used to this – misunderstandings and miscommunication when training our communities and students due to inexperience of any teaching skills and especially in another culture. 

Yesterday was spent mostly making some collective decision making on the order our first day of training; which although successful took a few turns and alterations to reach a conclusion for a smooth running day. Emily and myself decided to take on the role of audacity and audio trainers – a big turnaround for me as I’d been working on video editing up until the trip.  We got a lot done, which was probably because it was just us two – no distractions (well, a few minor ones!).  We ended our session feeling fairly confident albeit a few glitches and have adopted a ‘we’ll be okay’ attitude. We’ve done the best we can with what we’ve got. Today we venture to our first training sessions and although feeling a bit apprehensive, I’m sure it’ll be just fine.

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