Matutus and Vegas

Sir Roderick, ( later named lord of the dears), Maddy, Emily, Jen and myself awoke very early to meet our Kenyan partners Suji, Dekker and David at Nairobi university to film b-roll and interview the aspiring entrepreneur. The university ground was big and very well kept which worked out great for the voxpop we as the background was diverse. After we aided filming organisation, Rod and myself went off to film some additional b-roll as our time on campus was limited. After shooting barely anything we were approached by a campus security officer who told us we would need permission to film on campus. He wouldn’t leave so we had to call David to help us out. Once he arrived and they both him and the security officer disappeared, Rod and I realised that this was our first ever opportunity to bribe someone. After David returned we hastily left the campus to embark on journey on a matutu to hill park hotel to meet the others. Because we had finished all our filming we got to start with the editing process on Vegas where Dekker was actually significantly more advanced than us and we got taught how to use the programme. His editing skills are generally quiet sophisticated, the main input and guidance about compositioning including cutting out unnecessary interview footage, appropriate transitioning and soundtrack placing. It was actually really useful for us too because Vegas has been introduced and we learned the basics. What was even more interesting the fact that we had the opportunity to ask David Suji and Dekker about tribal culture and what this background actually means to them. What was especially interesting was the fact that their affiliation with their tribes is actually not particularly strong and that it was often mainly only politics that are fuelling the continuous conflict. The fact that we could ask an insiders opinion and not the media’s was really interesting especially as they are from different tribes. All in all a very successful second day filled with laughter information and a grand selection of hotel food.

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