Last day in Nairobi

Today was our last day at hill park hotel for the community media capacity building workshop which is a participatory workshop teaching audio and video skills. After we finished editing for our entrepreneurship video early in the morning, we spent the following hours parodying a kenyan dating show where we staged the show and pretended to be a the characters. Whilst this was amusing as it was happening once the footage was edited and taken out of context I realised it really wasn’t that funny, for me anyway, and I was making a tit of myself which is under normal circumstances isn’t a problem, however in edited video format is just embarrassing. After being ridden with paranoia that this video would go viral and I would be a Kenyan youtube sensation I learnt something ; don’t let anyone film you when your hungover, think over what your doing and how this can be taken out of context and also bear in mind that Kenyans, unlike Europeans are less acquainted with little silly videos and thus get a little over excited, especially on a video production workshop. After being reassured that this video was really not that funny and probably not given any attention my mind is at rest now. The end of the workshop was very nice as we watched all the videos we made and and then listened to great input from Willice on the video which highlighted the importance of the issues portrayed within Kenyan culture. It was really great seeing the differences in both the subjects of the and also the production approaches. All in all again today was another successful day, the whole workshop was enjoyable and educative for both parties and it’s nice to have Kenyan acquaintances which we can even contact should we ever come back.

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