Nairobi workshops closes on a high – now on to Rongo

I only have a few moments before we leave this morning for Rongo and I’d like to post this as I’m not sure how much internet access we’ll have over the next few days.

The Capacity Building through Community Media workshop was a big success….2 really impressive short videos produced from concept to premier in 2 days plus a fun behind the scenes and a process video were produced. The podcast group, which had worked so well the day before ran into a bit of a technical disaster but Angela & Emily worked through it and were able to get it finished and posted on here……the group participants have agreed to produce their own version. If that happens we will post it here also.

The workshop wrapped up with everyone from students to NGO and community participants alike agreeing this needs to be developed further and so it’s on to Rongo University College and the next stage of the trip….see you soon.Image

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