Today has been a harder day than I had originally imagined.. things went wrong at the beginning of the day that were easily overcome, such as lack of equiptment (projector ect), but we made good use of our time after the first half an hour faff and began our a-roll filming. We spent quite a long time deciding on shots as the participants were a little/a lot picky on where they would like to be interviewed.. we suggested a number of suitable locations but they had a specific view in mind of how they would like the documentary to look so insisted on finding the perfect location; this was a slight waste of time but I feel it was nessecary in order for them to learn about shots and camera angles so in my personal opinion time was not completely wasted. Time was wasted however after the interviews had been filmed as we had a number of technical issues, that due to lack of editing ability on our part meant we had to leave the participants at some what of a loose end while we collectively tried to figure out why the footage was not being recognised on angelas/peters computer. Technical issues have been a proverbial pain in the arse today as they have slowed down the overall process of editing; angelas computer wasnt HD ready so couldnt recognize the camera and for some unknown reason the cameras had been mixed up during the night, resulting in two days worth of footage spead over the two groups cameras. I felt embarrassed for a time while these issues were being solved (thank you maddy for coming to the rescue you beautiful lady, you saved our metaphorical bacon) because as a group of 3rd year media students, who have travelled half way accross the world to teach people media skills to then turn around and say to the people who are meant to be benefitting from our skills ‘im sorry, I dont understand why this is happening’ felt incredably unproffessional and I couldnt help feeling as though my university experience hadnt actually taught me a great deal (in terms of editing……). After a bit of a fluster on my part and a cigarette we knucked down, asked for help from someone who knew more about premiere and put our footage in order according to our storyboard; due to the nearing home time-time we decided (after being asked by all of the participants) that we would edit when we got home so tomorrow would be a little easier for all parties and we could get everything done.

We got back to the camp after stopping off for a bottle or three of wine and realised that, as we had agreed to almost finalize the documentary, we had quite a lot of work to do so set off in a quiet room editing. It is now 11 o’clock and evryone is intoxicated on the delicious wine apart from us and I am writing this blog. Actually quite ironically as I wrote that last sentence I was challenged to down my full glass of wine as we had missed out a little on the communal drinking.

All tired whinging aside I actually thoughrally enjoyed today as it made me assess my own personal skills; I realised that while I dont actually know that much about editing or video production I knew a considerable amount more than the people we were teaching. I also realised that teaching is an incredibly hard thing to do and I have discovered a new found respect for every teacher. Ever. I have made new rafiki’s here and my time here has proved actually an incredibly valuable and eye opening experience. I am now going to catch up on the wine I have missed out on and prepare myself for tomorrows challenging yet surprisingly enjoyable tasks. Kenya is grand and right now peter is givong a speach that I must film so good night and god bless!!

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