My authentic Kenyan experience

Today I was up and out of the hostel by 7:30am ready for the spacious ride to Nairobi uni to continue filming the for the video. It was a lovely uni, it had an air of sophistication about it, students here stroll in in smart shirts and trousers whereas we rock up in hoodies and tracksuits!

After vox-popping, b-role shooting and the interview, we were taken on a walking tour from uptown Nairobi through the downtown to catch a matatus (local transport). That was after the dodging of traffic on a road I can only describe as a dual carriageway, there is no green man in Kenya!

It was the Audio workshops big day and honestly it was a big challenge! From equipment mal-functions to overwhelming ideas it was hard to focus a theme for the podcast. Mind-mapping turned into mind-boggling , we looked at everything from tribalism to politics. Eventually we stuck with politics and it’s effect on youth unemployment as it was a subject that the participants felt strongly about. Introducing them to a conversational style of recording was challenging as it’s seems unnatural of you are ring recording. James, Kevin, Moses and Gideon found they would work tether by doing one continuous recording other than segments… So we ran with it. It actually worked to my surprise. Hopefully engagement levels will be higher tomorrow as we will be going through the audio- the participants have the chance to be critical and create there podcasting vision.

One comment on “My authentic Kenyan experience

  1. I think you’re being a little over critical….everytime I looked in I though they were highly engaged. I also think you did a great job in getting them through a few sticky situations.

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