Jambo Matatus

Second day of training and This morning took off with incredible pace! We were up and ready for 7:30 am! Missing out on breakfast was hard but it was worth it in the end for the experience. We got to travel to Niarobi university and conduct our vox pops and interview with a young entrepreneur. I was extremely impressed with the way everyone worked on shoot and how organised they were. One of the members did not turn up till later and she didn’t have much of the experience filming with the camera, so to give her some more adequate time with the camera we sent her outside when we got to the hotel to do pretend interviews with me jen and rod. From the trip we ended up with some great footage and the best part was being able to ride on the matatus bus, very interesting selection of music to say the least! But an authentic Kenyan experience. When we arrived at the hotel we begun to put all the footage together and edit the film. We had some difficulties with sound which we partially fixed and i feel like even though the editor knew a lot, he and the rest of the group have taken away a lot more knowledge regarding editing structure and continuity. Overall i had a really fun day and we made stronger relationships with our group.

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