Training the trainer in action!

Today has been long but fab! Yesterday felt a little rushed and off the cuff in comparison. Today we got into the swing of things with an early start at the University of Nairobi. After successfully meeting with our interviewee and vox poppers who stuck to UK time rather than Africa (thankfully). We had an exciting trip to the hotel including a walking tour from three of our new Kenyan friends. We walked through uptown Nairobi and had, I’m told a very tame, ride on a matatus.

Suji was unfortunately late to the filming at the university and the others in the group had been somewhat hogging the equipment. Therefore when we arrived at the hotel I suggested I took Suji out to use the cameras. With the help of Maddy we got some useful B-roll footage before starting editing.

The editing process was surprising although Dekker had mentioned he had done some editing, he shocked us all (in the best way) by having made a behind the scenes film with the footage from yesterday at the UN building. As a result of this we decided it would be best to allow him to use the software he was familiar with (Las Vegas Pro) to edit. This worked as an exchange of skills as we were unfamiliar with this program, so he showed us some tricks and we were able to make suggestions on how to improve. The other members of the group were taking notes from Dekker, therefore this was the perfect example of our ‘training the trainer’ approach.

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