Finally arrived in Kenya

After flying into Zurich airport everyone was on a high, I couldn’t wait to grab some food and get some alcohol, that wet down the pan when everything was closed! The 12 hour stopover wasn’t as bad as I thought, time was pasted by circus performance, storytelling and drinking games- minus the drink. The plane was great, loads of food, drink and movies to go around. After cramming into a mini-bus we arrived at the campsite, it’s better than I imagined. After drinking in the garden and then wrestling with the mosquito nets I finally got to sleep.

Today as a group we drafted up agendas for both the video and audio workshops in preparation for the community based training workshops happening in the UN building tomorrow. Preparing the audio workshop was not as straightforward as I would have liked. Firstly I couldn’t switch on the dictaphones, (which by the way need batteries to be operated!) after that hurdle I couldn’t grasp how to construct a storyboard for audio. This made me apprehensive as I wanted to be succinct in helping with the storyboards tomorrow. I finally grasped this. For the second half of today I’ve spent a bulk of time- with Angela- going over the audacity software. We created a short podcast, edited it to make sure we knew the ins and outs of it. This practice was best to learn as ive become more confident in using the software.

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