Kenya 2k14

the journey to Kenya was a rocky one. After 15 hours waiting for our connection flight from Zurich to Nairobi the charitable gestures started early after a woman fell down down the escalator and I jumped into action by pressing the stop button and helping her back up. I then also had some hardships on the plane as Taylor (who isn’t vegetarian) took the last vegetarian meal on the plane resulting with me having to just eat my second cheese and bread meal of the day. We finally arrived at the campsite where we relaxed for the rest of the evening at the pub on the site I also did my second heroic deed of the day by getting a gecko out of the bedroom. The second day of Kenya we got straight into work after breakfast, after a few hours we had managed to create a plan of what we were going to teach the students tomorrow at the United Nations building in Nairobi. When Peter came back from his coffee date in town we carried on with our plan, finalising what we wanted to do tomorrow we decided to leave the compound to explore the local supermarket, And here we are now deciding wether to have a communal nap or not.


One comment on “Kenya 2k14

  1. Lol coffee date in town in deed! I braved the midday sun and the rather obscure customer service practices of to get you guys your sim cards……cheeky blighter 😉

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