Kenya dig it? Yes we can

Today we planned our agenda for tomorrow, saturday and sunday. We decided on day one to begin with some ice breakers and introductions so we could teach them in an informal and fun way. Our ice breaker is “what makes you happy” we will throw a ball around and ask the question so we can get to know each other better. We will then get into smaller groups in order to mind map, storyboard and teach them more about types of shoots as well as roles. Then we will teach them about the equipment and b-roll. We will end tommorrows session with them talking about 5 potential interview questions, this will help them figure out how their film will flow. I am exited to get to know all of the students and watch them learn our skills.

2 comments on “Kenya dig it? Yes we can

  1. I think the ice breaker is a really fun idea, and a good way of introducing everyone and making everyone feel comfortable and relaxed with one another. Good luck!

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