After a 12 hour overnight, sleep deprived group moan in Zurich and some delicious plane food and entertainment, we finally arrived in Kenya yesterday evening! We spent the night recovering from copious amounts of sitting with some more sitting but this time with beer; we drank and laughed until around 12ish then filtered of to our bunk beds gradually after around 5 plates of chips.

After a much needed sleep we leisurely got up this morning to some equally as much needed sausages and coffee then started our ‘what are we doing’ day. We planned our plan of action for the next three days and went through what we are going to cover with each other so we are all on the same page; this was then broken up by a brief hoop in the sun and a failed attempt at juggling, followed by a run through of our plans with peter, a trip to the local supermarket for some delicious nessecaries and here we are, sat in the sun finalizing our tomorrow plans. Tomorrow should be good!

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