Arrived in kenya safe n sound

After a 24 hour trip (with a 12 hour stopover in Zurich airport) we finally arrived in Nairobi safe and sound. The construction works at Nairobi airport meant none of the usual delays getting visas etc….we were through within the hour.

The campsite was quite full with US students but they are leaving this morning. We spent several hours acclimatising in the garden by the bar…..playing various games and watching Sonja, Taylor, Maddie & Chaz hoola hoop……they’re pretty good!

The stragglers went to bed at about 2 am and I’m letting them sleep in for an 11 o’clock start (they didn’t sleep whilst in Zurich)…..when we’ll make final preparations for the workshops we’re facilitating with International Youth Concil for the UN Volunteer Programme & Accord.

Well breakfast is calling and the first students are up so I’ll sign off until later.Image

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