My first day in kenya

After a long anticipated wait.. 12 hours of Hoola hooping and playing games in Zurich airport we finally made the flight to Niarobi! Being particularly sleep deprived i managed to snooze off for a solid 5 hours and wait up in time for some tasty plane food (my favorite). Arriving in Hartebeest campsite was exciting.. Starting to feel more at home at first it was a bit of a culture shock.. Mainly because of the toilets!
Waking up this morning was hard! But soon we were presented with a lovely breakfast to get the day going. A bit later on we sat down with Peter and started to talk about our plans for the next three days. Planning the workshops went smoothly and we have all worked out a schedule for the training. Willice soon arrived after the planning and we got to go through the plan with him. Overall i feel much more prepared for our activities and confident we can provide a successful workshop.


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