Workshop CMC Scenario

The first day at the workshop at Hillpark Hotel started with the participants getting into groups and sharing their ideas surrounding the notion of a community media centre (CMC). The group I was working with had broad ideas around the topic area and different ambitions in relation to contributing or setting up a CMC. The follow are a few questions deliberated through the CMC scenario… 

Q. What was you motivation to be involved in these three day workshops?

A. – Expand a company
– Networking
– learning from others
– Meet people in the media
– Share knowledge and skills
– Learn how to link and involve others through the use of community media
– To find out what community media is

Q. What does a community media centre (CMC) mean to you?

A. – A source of information
– Empowerment and skills
– Telling stories to create positive change
– Expand and teach all young children giving them power and a voice
– Access information easily
– Create links between CMCs and the government

Q. How might it benefit your community?

A. – Empower youth through the use of skills and sharing of ideas
– Sharing stories that give people the power of voice
– Create government interaction
– Share information about health that can reach communities in time
– Employment
– Community unity

Q. What resources would be needed to establish and sustain a CMC? How might these be aquired?

A. – Internet
– Personel to lead the centre
– Media equipment- camera, computers, office space
– finance to sustain the CMC
– Good PR- word of mouth

Aquired through…

– Donations
– Community funding
– Fundraising
– Partnerships

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