Confidence, Knowledge, and Sharing

Through the video production workshops that were held today, engagement between teachers and students began to take shape and grow. The morning began with myself, Rosie, and Callum introducing the students to procedures and techniques within video production, as well as setting the students tasks – such as producing mindmaps and story boards – so that they could start initial stages of producing their own documentary.

After software issues and difficulties yesterday, I felt that I lost any confidence that the students may have had in me, however I believe that I restored that confidence today when going through the video production handbook, and directing the procedures. I saw this confidence and comfort begin to grow when students would start asking questions about documentaries and engaging in dialogue. When watching the students carry out interviews for their documentaries in the afternoon, it was nice to see them coming out of their shells, creating realities out of their visions, sharing an enthusiasm, and using techniques that I had taught them. It felt good to be able to have confidence in the knowledge that I was sharing, and seeing the students understanding and applying it.

When myself, Rosie and Callum were speaking to a student on a tea break, he informed us that he wishes to share the knowledge that we taught him to empower those who have no knowledge of ICTs or social networking. If one person goes away from this workshop and teaches the skills to at least one other person, then I will be happy – although I do hope that they take it further!! 

Last day of teaching these students in this workshop tomorrow, so hopefully this positivity will continue!!

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