Scenario Based Workshop

As part of the workshop of the first day of teaching, we split the group up into three groups, took a group each, and asked them questions regarding community media centres (CMC). The questions and answers in the scenario based workshop were as followed….

Q. What was you motivation to be involved in these three day workshops?
A. – I want to know how to develop social, political, and financial sectors by interfacing media into the community.
     – I want to know how a graphic designer can use the media.
     – I want to know how PR can use the media to reach a range of people and improve communication.
    – I want to know how to create blogs, how to share ideas with other communities, different ways to capture information, how to make videos, and how to take photographs.  I also want to set up CMCs across the nation.
    – I want to learn how to mobilise the community, ensure that information gets passed, raise awareness of issues, learn new tools and networks to communicate.

Q. What does a community media centre (CMC) mean to you? How might it benefit your community?
A. – To have a CMC there needs to be a reciprocal exchange of reliable information and ideas. Community radio, television, different networks. To have a CMC you will need A – a physical location to engage and exchange in ideas, and B – Aid packaging information.
   – To have a CMC information needs to be accessed and shared, making it accessible to have debates and raise issues, to make voices to be heard at a national level.
  – CMC is a tool for civic engagement and campaigns. It gets information from centres, and utilises local media, not national media. IT also provides access to the internet.
   – A CMC is the mass media reaching out to people. It is the ears, eyes, and most importantly the mouth of the community. It voices out issues and needs to achieve maximum community potential.

Q. What resources would be needed to establish and sustain a CMC? How might these be aquired?
A. – The resources needed would be different types of resources, people as resources, material resources, volunteers, trainers in ICTs, people who can write. To have a CMC there also needs to be a library, documentation centre, a room, computers, videos, cameras, etc. To maintain the CMC there needs to be financial resources like sponsorships, material such as literature to educate people, and people need to have matching priorities in order to grow in the same direction.
   – The resources needed are the internet, computers, trainers, media / IT literacy, and the knowledge of how to integrate with technology.
   – We would need to establish how to mobilise and expose communities, make affordable and simpiler technology, and but more networks up in rural areas.
   – Technology needs to be affordable and accessible. There could be an educational summer camp with small charges, educational investments, and more tourist attraction. There could be a website to create awareness.

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