Work shop Day 1

Today we had an early start at 7am, 5am GMT+1. We all had breakfast again on the porch and discussed final plans for the workshop day ahead. Feeling excited and aptly prepared we made our way to the Hill Park Hotel around 9am. When we arrived at the hotel it was straight to the conference room for the first session of the day. Some great speeches from Willice, Peter, Cherri and Samuel sent a wave of inspiration into the room. It was great to see and hear all the different interpretations and visions for what community media could become, in particular Ii was inspired by what Cherri had to say about plans to create an online network hub that people can access and share knowledge from. What interested me about this idea was that anyone inspite of economic/social background would be able to gain access to the information to educate themselves as well as others about their own experiences and circumstances by uploading their own information.

After a short tea break we began with a skills and needs assessment workshop. In the group I worked with the most important issue for them was that the rural area’s that make up the majority of the Kenyan population are reached by the CMC projects. We discussed the physicalities of setting up a community centre, it was considered vital by the group that the indigenous population should be involved from the get go, adhering to and making the CMC relevant to their specific needs. After a lunch break me, Rosie and Laura conducted an introductory session on the equipment and software, my group seemed to really enjoy and get alot from the session in spite of already knowing alot about editing and filming. We came from the viewpoint that although most people could navigate the equipment and software reletively easily within the group, it was a useful excercise to be able to teach others who perhaps are less knowledgable about the software and equipment.The last portion of the day was spent introducing word press and blogging . I think everyone has now been warn out from all the hard work we have all put in. I’m very appreciative of such eager and interesting students and have learnt alot from them. I feel part of something that has the potential to exact real and lasting change.

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