Day 1 – Jambo Kenya

Well after I long journey over here circa 23 hours I decided to let the students lay in this morning – despite their promises to be up at first light, This gave me some time to read and sip ginger tea over breakfast with the mnkeys who share the garden.

Around midday we went shopping for a few bits that we (mainly me) had forgotten. Getting the local sim cards for our phones proved to be a challenge and if the shop at the Junction shopping centre is a beacon shining on the strengths of the private sector in an emerging youthful economy then lord help us all…..chaotic! Phones still not working on local sims btw šŸ˜‰

On our return we brain stormed the schedule for the next 3 days (which I’ll send later). The students are off planning their interventions and some good ideas are emerging. The workshops will be great I have no doubt but they do present a challange which I am sure they’re up to – as the famous Kenyan philosopher once said…….acuma matata šŸ˜‰

They’ll be using my laptop later to blog their own impressions of the first day.

Speak later


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