Countdown has begun

As per normal……my case isn’t quite packed yet 😉 One last cup of coffee; a quick shower and then cram into my daughters car to be driven to Gatwick North where I’m meeting Callum, Rosie & laura at about 6.45. We’ll distribute the books we’re taking to the preparatory school in rural Kenya as an aid for their English learning. Get rid of our luggage and then off we go.

The students have been texting me all day and are clearly very excited. I’ve recived some very exciting news from our partners which I’ll report back on after we’ve met them on the ground. All in all, if its not tempting fate……a good start to the trip.

One comment on “Countdown has begun

  1. Hello everyone – hope you have a great journey and even more importantly a great experience. Will be checking in on your progress so let us know how it goes. Much love Paula (Hearsum) xx

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