First day in Kenya

Waking up in Kenya this morning I couldn’t wait to look out of the window and see the surroundings of our accommodation in day light. I wanted to have a wander around the surrounding area to get familiar with our location and start to understand the Kenyan culture and way of life.

Today we walked to a shopping centre in order to buy supplies for our stay, such as water and sim cards. I must admit that coming from a Western culture, the lack of organisation and force upon sales in the phone store surprised me! The people all seem friendly and happy to help here, which has made me feel welcomed and comfortable in Kenya.

Initially on arrival I was feeling overwhelmed due to how far I am going out of my comfort zone, as not only am I engaging myself with an unknown community (which I have never done before), but I am doing it in an other country. After spending the afternoon planning for the next day three days of teaching, that feeling of being in over my head has settled down, and now I say bring it on!!!!

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