Safari days 12 – 13: January 29th – 30th

It felt so good to get back into the bus with everyone the following morning to head off on our safari. Everyone’s enthusiasm for me to re-join the team and make it on safari really cheered me up, and arriving to immediate wildlife upon entering the Masi Mara national park finally made the past few miserable days feel worth it. The safari was great fun, as expected, although a very different experience to my last time on safari back in 2018, it was interesting to compare, but still so joyous seeing all the animals going about their daily life in the wild. Watching a group of giraffes munching on their dinner of acacia leaves at sunset was an absolute privilege, the calm and serenity of that moment stands out as one of the most peaceful of the whole trip. I loved the safari lodge we stayed in, and even managed to get up at 5am for a morning yoga session on the deck. All too soon our safari day was over, and we began another trek to our final destination of Machakos.

So happy to be back in the bus with everyone! (29/01/2023)
Sunset with Giraffes. (29/01/2023)
Mine and Rachael’s safari lodge! (29/01/2023)
So happy to have made it on safari! (30/01/2023)

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