Days 9 – 11: January 26th – 28th

I spent the next three days pent up in my hotel room in a mixture of upset, panic and loneliness, but thankfully in relative comfort. Of course, I had to get worse before I could get better, and I do feel for my poor parents and boyfriend who had me crying on the phone most days, in sickness and in health, I guess! I did enjoy the more reliable Wi-Fi connection while everyone else was out all day and watched a documentary about the wildlife of the Serengeti practically on repeat. I began to feel more human by Saturday as the effects of the antibiotics finally kicked in. I was gutted to have missed so much of the project at this point, and even more so that I had to miss the adventurous exploit of the boat trip in Homer Bay, but I spent Saturday morning relaxing by the pool, having a swim and doing some light yoga in an effort to make the most of the hotel while I still could. I felt quite left out at this point, as I’d been on my own for so many days, so I was really grateful for how caring and compassionate my fellow students were, and our collective determination that I’d make it on safari.

At least I had a nice view from bed. (25/01/2023)
Restoring yoga session. (28/01/2023)
So nice to be outside again. (28/01/2023)

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