Day 8 – Exhibition Day

Today was the day of the exhibition. Though the start time was delayed, once it began, it was a great success in terms of the performances and the children enjoying themselves. The only thing I must question is the views on abortion. It appears the angle is very much: girls must avoid male temptation, and if they fall pregnant, they must not seek abortion as this can be fatal for the woman. Addressing the latter, it is to me unethical for children (or women of any age for that matter) to not have a choice over this; something that effects their body and life so greatly. Safe practice of abortion offers an alternative. In terms of women ‘resisting’ men, I feel this is hugely misleading; the failure of addressing the cause leading to the continuation of such attitudes. My thoughts today can be summarised as : education towards all ages is crucial to unlearning sexist and unbalanced ideas and beliefs within a community.
This aside, we filmed everything necessary and are in our way back on the bus now. It was a tiring day, given the heat. I must have some time to unwind now.

Update: immediately after writing this, I fell asleep 😂😴

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