Day 5

We travelled to Cham Gi Wadu on the university bus, on the way picking up the Rongo students. The views down the road were so beautiful, of all the mountains and greenery along the winding road.

Once at the community, we began to set up our equipment. I found getting everyone involved with this quite hard.

We were introduced to the panel of the community members, three women who were social workers in the area.

To open, Jerry gave a speech about CM4K as a project and explained how the universities work “hand in hand” with the community.

The women, Jane, Jayne and Pamela, then introduced themselves and explained that they aim to organise the community to attend workshops. They aim to have an impact by reducing the challenges their community face; in particular young marriage, gender violence, FGM and corruption. Each gave a speech about how the radio station would enable easier access to information for the community and ultimately be the voice of the poor.

I later spoke to Jane, Jayne and Pamela about why they’re involved. What I found interesting is that she asked if we face these issues in England – referring to child marriage, gender violence, FGM and child pregnancy. I was so astonished by this that I had no clue how to respond.

This conversation was so eye opening into what life must be like for these people. I really haven’t ever met anyone who is as passionate and selfless as these women were, I am in absolute awe of the work they do day in and day out.

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