January 20

Woke up feeling significantly less gross – the power of a good shower is astonishing, seriously, they should write books about it. We went to uni fairly early, although we were supposed to leave at 9:00 and we left at 11:30.

I don’t know if I’ll get tired of looking out the windows; there’s so much to look at, everything is a picture. The bus ride was short, which was nice after so much travel yesterday, but our room at the uni was occupied so we had several hours to wait around.

Emily, Anya and I started doing cartwheels and acroyoga much to everyone else’s entertainment. I did get unnecessarily sweaty when I could’ve conserved my energy by jointing those in the shade, but it was so fun it was worth it. Most people got involved in the end anyways.

Waiting for Class

In the afternoon, we had our first lecture. We did icebreaker games with the University of Rongo students. If I thought I was outgoing, I clearly had never meant a Kenyan. They are so loquacious and genial that getting to know them felt so easy. We played games right up until we had to go back to the classroom.

They wanted loads of photos with us – I seriously lost count of how many we took. Finally we ate dinner and caught a glimpse of the sunset before went back to the hotel. We all had a drink and played games by the pool. I don’t know why we didn’t go inside because we were all huddled around one single light.


I realize that I never got that bonding experience that studying abroad with others gives you, because I’ve been studying abroad alone since I moved to Brighton. But now, doing this trip, we’re all in this together and learning new things together. I just feel so grateful that I’m able to get this experience with these people.

Playing Card Games

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