24th January. Cham gi Wadu Day 1

Today was our first trip into the community of Cham gi Wadu. We were to set up cameras for photography and videography and audio to capture the speech we would be given by 3 social workers involved with the Cham gi Wadu community. They spoke about modern day slavery and how it was affecting their people. We heard stories of child pregnancy and incestuous abuse, female genital mutilation and how control over someone involving an abuse of power is modern day slavery. Often when these things are reported to the police, they do not see any justice as the police are bribed.

The three women were extremely passionate in what they had to say and what I found particularly powerful was the fact that a lot of the community, women and children don’t know their rights. They told us that community Radio would have a massive impact and help to educate the people, so that they can make their own minds up as to what is right and wrong, so they know their rights and can band together to make a change. We’ll be meeting the Chief of Cham gi Wadu and the rest of the community tomorrow. I’m looking forward to speaking with them and hearing their stories and assisting the Kenyan students in collecting some quality content.

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