Weekend Blog – Luca

Yay, the weekend – which I had been eagerly awaiting! I am having such an amazing time here in Kenya, but who doesn’t adore days off! It’ll just be a short one this weekend as it’s a sleepy Sunday as I write this. 😊

On the Friday evening, we came back to the accommodation and played Katie’s quiz that she’d been working on throughout the day. I came second to last again, I think that’s the spot I will always stay, haha – though I’m not a sore loser, so I do not mind! Katie is the Queen of quizzes, and I think if ever I’m to play one in Brighton I’ll be messaging her, begging her to be on my team, haha. Saying that, everyone is good! I think all of our knowledge combined would definitely make a winning team, well, with the exception of me. I could just attend for moral support I suppose. 😛

After the quiz, we spent some time talking, and then all went off to bed. On Saturday after breakfast we went to Lake Simbi which was around an hour and a half from the University. It was a beautiful lake, and has a very interesting myth behind it – though I am not entirely sure I believed it, who am I to judge! Nevertheless, it was fascinating to hear about the story of the lake. I spent some time at the lakeside appreciating the view and just reflecting on my time here which was nice, though I really wanted to go swimming! I resisted the urge though as the water was a bit smelly… Haha. After that, we all came back to the University and relaxed before dinner. As it’s our last weekend we wanted to have a fun night celebrating, but I think the sun had got to our heads and everyone was in their rooms by 11pm, sorry again guys! I think it must have been the hottest day by far since we arrived in Kenya.

As I said, it’s now Sunday whilst I write this. We spent the morning picking up bits from the supermarket and the girls have gone to get their hair done. I have a very exciting afternoon of washing planned, haha. I think we’re all off to The Treat House soon though, where we will be buying some dinner (chips, lots and lots of chips). Gah, you wouldn’t believe how desperate we all are for some chips, they will be well received. 😛

Aside from that, I think it’s just an afternoon of relaxing in the sunshine, trying not to get burnt… If possible for me that is! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend, and I hope that the week brings you happiness! Talk soon everyone. 😊

Luca. 😊

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