29.01.2018 – Luca

Hello everyone!

Ah, Monday – but let’s start on Sunday night. 😊

To continue from the weekend blog, like expected we went to The Treat House Hotel – and we got our chips, yes! Well, to precise I had a Spanish omelette, 2 sausages and a massive plate of chips, one very happy boy here! We spent the afternoon relaxing in the sunshine and catching up with one another, it was a lovely way to spend a Sunday. I’m really going to miss all of the friends we’ve made here, it’s a very bittersweet experience. I’m confident that I know I’m going to stay in contact with a few people though, I just wish we weren’t going to be worlds apart from one another. In the evening, I was quite tired so just snuggled up and watched a film, well, some of which I am excited to finish this evening, it’s called – The Passengers.

Today, Monday we had our final day of fieldwork. Below I’ve listed the placed we visited as I usually do on my fieldwork blogs:

Kanyimach Primary School –Kanyimach Primary School was founded in 1926, and is believed to be the oldest Primary School in the Cham gi Wadu region. The school offers academic services from pre-school, to year 8 students and currently has 435 students enrolled (as of January 29th, 2018).


Kanyimach Mixed Secondary School –Kanyimach Mixed Secondary School was first founded under the Kanyimach S.D.A Church in 2016 with 40 pupils. The school is funded by the community, who pay wages to the 8 teachers at the establishment. The school now has 106 students, and hope to be granted government funding.


Kanyimach S.D.A Church – The Kanyimach Seventh Day Adventist Church was founded in 1922, and holds a service every Saturday.


Kogenya Shopping Centre – Kongenya Shopping Centre was named after a prominent village elder who donated the land for construction of the market, it sells various amenities for members of the Lua community.


Speaking of the Kogenya Shopping Centre, I had a really experience with a woman named Rebbeca who I interviewed there. She was curious to know about the Radio Station, so I had Mac translate a conversation between us. She was extremely excited about the Station, and very eager about having a slot, or at least a meeting advertised where she could share her knowledge, wisdom and advise about being a widow to help other women in the same position as her. I was excited about the prospect, as you could really feel her enthusiasm about empowering other women and that’s at the heart of what we’re trying to do here – empower communities and all those within it. It’s definitely something I will be talking to Peter about, in fact, I might do that right now!

Update: Peter was very enthusiastic too, so great news all around! I think that I will do a more in-depth post about my interview with Rebbeca, but for now we are off to have some dinner so I am afraid it will have to wait! I hope everyone has the most wonderful evening, talk soon!

P.S. Thank you Katie for all the brilliant photos today! All credit goes to you. 😛

Luca. 😊

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