Day 3- CM4K Lecture

After a fun day yesterday with bulldog and What’s the time Mr Wolf? I woke up with an aching body from running too much. Starting the day as usual with meeting in the court yard for the others and heading to the minibus for Rongo University to have breakfast. Breakfast was nice as usual consisting of sausages because we can’t get enough of them.

At 10am we went to the lecture hall for a lecture held by Peter called Community Radios written by Abdou Sarr. The presentation gave a talk on community radio and the tools to promote peace, culture, democracy and development in Africa. Us Brighton students were split in twos and grouped up with the Kenyan students, as we began our group work. Getting into these groups I remembered what Peter had said to us at the beginning of the lecture, “there will be no more University of Brighton, and University of Kenya students, there will only be CM4K. A partnership”. With this in mind we began one of our many group discussions regarding community media, community radio importance and the 3 dimensions of participatory research model. These group discussions helped me understand the Kenyan’s intellectually and how we would work whilst out doing our community work.

At 2.30pm we had an hour break for lunch which was tasteful as usual, and having my playful of fruit as desert. After lunch we carried ourselves and our grown stomachs outside to sit in the sun. Using this break we enjoyed each others company taking photos of each other and having a laugh about our toilet issues. Our second part of the lecture was about research and who were the academic researchers of the community radio, during this lecture we were back into our groups making thorough discussions and sharing with the class.

This second part of the lecture was intriguing and a lot to take in however after a big lunch with a big stomach I was feeling sleepy, and the hot room didn’t help. The lecture breezed through and as we came to the end, we spent the rest of the time in the class room talking to each other and with the Kenyans.

Shoutout to Kassim Mohammed for trying to make me leave my phone with him in Kenya, whilst he gives him his brick phone (or as the Kenyans call it Mulika Mwizi), or as I call it a trap phone.

As we wait patiently for dinner with a big anticipation with what we are eating, we are looking forward to our drive home to buy our beers and to drink it in the cool air in our courtyard and recap on our day.

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