Learning about the community

Blog – 18th January 2018

Whilst preparing for bed last night, I heard a loud shriek, quickly followed by Angel bursting into my room in a panic. My first thought was someone had appeared at her window, however it came to be known that it was just a cute little lizard hanging out in her bathroom. Like the brave solider I am, I captured the lizard in a box and set it free outside.

Woke up at 8am as we had to leave at 8:45am. After breakfast, we started our lecture at 10:30am that contextualised community radio and community participation. Firstly, we gained an understanding of community radio, what its purpose is and who is affected by it and split into groups to discuss it. My group consisted of myself, Halima, Charlotte, Geoff and Mercie. We had an engaging discussion and shared our collective knowledge. Afterwards we discussed who the stakeholders would be for the community radio station, and how we will gain their support without losing the focus on the community.

After, we broke up for lunch and I decided to bring my camera outside as I hadn’t used it yet. I took some ‘candid’ photos of the other guys as they were chilling, I think a few turned out quite well!

Our final lecture of the day started at around 4. It was centred around research and research methods and, considering I done a whole module about it last year, I should have understood it. However, it very quickly became apparent that everything that I thought I had learnt had gone straight out of the other ear and didn’t stick with me. However, the Kenyan students were switched on, and thankfully they saved my blushes.

I’m writing this blog early tonight, so that I can grab some beers on the way home and chill for the evening. I canny wait for an ice cold Tusker.


P.S. Bowel movements are still regular 🙂

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