Day 1/2 

We have finally arrived in Kenya it’s taken a while and everyone is very tired and worn out but we’re all very excited to start working with the community’s. We have arrived at Rongo university on the first day which is about 30min from our accommodation. They are a really good group of people and are very skilful about media and are very good with technology they may even be better editors than some of us however they do use different software to us. 

We all had a group intrusion from the vice chancellor, Peter and the principle. They spoke to us about the plan for the two weeks and what they wanted us to achieve and how we are meant to interact with the community and the university students. After we finished the introductory lecture we went to the lawn to play games and learn all of our names there is in total about 40 Of and we all relaxed making friends and getting to know eachother and taking lots of Pictures.  

All 3 of our meals are provided at the university so we stay there till 6. The food is really nice and different all homemade. It’s a very welcoming aptomoshpe and they make you feel very comfortable and welcome. The rest of our day consisted of going to collect supplies from in town and exploring and then relaxing as group and discussing the work we will be carrying out in the community. Overall it was a very good first few days 

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