Day 1: What a rush! 

We’ve arrived! It’s been over 24 hours (it’s 4am!) and we finished our trip on a tiny carrier plane; we are really going head first, into such a rural place; Rongo!
The main thing I’ve realised, is that Kenya really is not represented in the Media. I have no connotations of the country, it’s just bundled up into the poor, sad, and forever doomed charity adverts of Africa from Water Aid and Save The Children. All the children go to school and our in uniform, and everyone appears like they have a job to do. There are so many buildings, all made of corrogated iron or stone panted in bright colours. Food, is plentiful! The people are happy 😊

The University has been incredibly kind to us. We have been told ‘Welcome!’ many times, and have been given a great circular complex all to ourselves to live. The poverty limit is really high, and really puts life into perspective that even when they have nothing, they give us everything with such kindness and generosity. We get the accommodation (and 3 meals a day!)…. for free!

However, there are dangers here. We went into their town, and so many people are on the street selling, and many shops are hidden behind bars. We’re being called ‘Mzungu’ by everyone going past, and the girls are very clearly getting unwanted attention. Without our guides Ema and Irene we would certainly not have a clue on what shops to go in, and would really be ripped off. This may be a great experience, but we need to be aware we are new.

We’re completely exhausted and very stressed, and our really puzzled over the concept of ‘Kenyan time’, in that nothing ever really goes to plan. Hopefully tommorow will bring some clarity 😊

Rob ✨

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